“Auto Awesome” is really awesome!

I have been using an android mobile device for a while now. I have tried to configure all Google services in order to enjoy the integral user experience. One of the things I like is that the pictures I take with my phone camera are automatically backed up on the cloud when I connect to a Wi-Fi network. This setting can be changed. If you do not mind mobile internet charges you can set it up to backup all taken pictures regardless of the network connection type. One could also select not to backup the pictures.

Besides backing up my pictures, this function also allows me to remember what I did on certain days by just browsing through the pictures. By default, the pictures are stored on a private online location, ordered by date. They are accessible through my Google+ account and I can share them with anyone I want. I am happy with all this.

Recently, I was very pleasantly surprised by the launch of a feature called “Auto Awesome”. This function checks for meaning and existing relationships among taken pictures and creates new pictures using the existing ones. For instance, it may create a panorama from overlapping pictures of a landscape taken on a certain day. Or add a snow effect to a picture of a snowy landscape.

The view outside my window and the added snow effect.

The above GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was created automatically sometime after I took the following picture:

The original picture without the snow effect.
The original picture without the snow effect. 

In some way the snowy landscape was recognized and enhanced by automatically adding the snow effect. Another mind blowing example of what “Auto Awesome” can do is the addition of smiles that are taken from other photographs of the same person! In case you missed smiling in a photo, you can always hope that it can be automatically fixed by taking another photo in which you smile. Please see the example below:

Pictures of my friends. Nick was not smiling in the original picture (left). The right picture was automatically generated by adding a smile on his face.

Auto awesome is also capable of creating videos! This one is from a USA trip in 2016


Go check out the rest of the awesome things Auto Awesome can do!