Virtual Computed Tomography Department

I have recently been experimenting with animation and gamification for education and training purposes. My efforts led to the creation of a few simple videos and minigames, relevant to projects and themes I have worked on in the past. A video description of an NRE reception centre and a simple minigame with the same theme have been previously published on this website.


Virtual Emergency Reception Centre

In case a nuclear or radiological emergency (NRE) situation arises, authorities set up appropriate emergency reception centres near the scene of the incident. The primary aim of such centres is to tend to the immediate medical needs of affected individuals. If time and situation allow, decontamination may also take place.


Why do we need the scientific method?

In order to appreciate the value of the scientific method we need to first understand how much ambiguity is hidden in plain sight. Ambiguity pervades human life. It is everywhere. Almost all human interactions are affected by it. Imagine two people in an art gallery standing in front of a famous painting. After introspectively looking at it for a while, they have a brief conversation. They find out that they both agree the painting is heartwarming and soul soothing. Some kind of collegial spirit develops and makes them happy with the fact that they agree, before they part ways. One may wonder: Which soul were they talking about? The one jumping from body to body for eternity? The one that after death on earth resides to heaven for ever? Maybe the one that is a “spiritual” manifestation of physical processes in the brain? Does soul even exist? Who knows?


Nuclear or radiological emergency reception centre

Nuclear or radiological emergencies (NREs) may result to injury and/or contamination of individuals. In case of NREs, responsible authorities respond by setting up an appropriate emergency reception centre near the scene of the incident.


Modern Academia – or how to become an over-educated secretary

Disclaimer 1: The title of this article is purposefully exaggerated. This article has no intention to even imply that the work of a secretary is somehow inferior to the work of a scientist. It is not! I have done such work and I know that almost no secretary is as appreciated as she/he should be. Being a secretary involves a lot of strenuous work requiring a high degree of concentration and adaptability to keep up with constantly changing demands. I just think that a scientist and a secretary should be two equally valuable but also distinctly different jobs.

Disclaimer 2: The following arguments do not apply to every research group but I think they roughly correspond to the general trends observed in modern Academia. (more…)

The changing job market

I just read that in the US, college graduates have trouble landing jobs related to their education if at all [1]. This vividly reminds me of a TED talk given by Andrew McAfee about what future jobs will look like. The following is a video really worth watching!


Perceptual adaptation

I am sure you have heard that the image of an object created on your eye’s retina is inverted (rotated by 180 degrees). The brain however has the ability to processes this information in such a way that makes you see things as they really are. This fact is remarkable and can give us a hint of how complex perception of reality is.

Fig.1. The image of real objects that is formed on our retina is inverted as compared to the original object. This happens due to the existence of the eye lens. However, we still do not perceive our environment as inverted.
Fig.1. The image of real objects that is formed on our retina is inverted as compared to the original object. This happens due to the existence of the eye lens. However, we still do not perceive our environment as inverted.

In the 1890s George M Stratton started out to test the theory of perceptual adaptation. (more…)

How to create web presentations using free software available online

This post is a tutorial on creating web presentations with free software. The software used is CamStudio ( and optionally a web camera software called Yawcam ( Yawcam is a camera software which can “stay on top” while you are presenting your slides. It is capable of showing your face or whatever is in front of your web camera during your presentation. So the end result will look somewhat like picture in picture functionality. The tutorial is given in video format below as well as in written instructions format. Feel free to follow whatever suits you best. (more…)

Siding with reason