About me

My name is Theocharis Berris. Friends and colleagues call me Theo or Harry. I was born in Ioannina, a rainy but beautiful city in northwestern Greece. Physicist (medical physicist) by trade, I am a curious guy always trying to figure out what is happening around me. I enjoy acquiring new skills and applying them in solving difficult problems. I have recently realized that I would probably be characterized a multi-potentialite. The above-mentioned characteristics probably explain my polymath attitude and increased interest in multiple and diverse domains in the sciences and engineering. I am also interested in the not-so-hard sciences and in general anything I do not know a lot about such as politics, economics, education, etc. Some members of my family can testify that I was annoying them with my questions long before I entered the physics department, so no one can blame physics for my “condition” ;-). I like to believe that most of the times I think reasonably, although deep down inside I know this is no easy task and I really fail big-time very often. I currently reside in Mödling, a beautiful (but not so rainy) town near Vienna.

This personal website will be hosting thoughts on various issues I will be interested in at times. The themes may range from science, education and technology to economics, sociology and philosophy. Travel posts are always appropriate for a personal website. The purpose of the website is to spark and host discussions about different issues and act as a focal point for communication with any person interested in any of the issues posted. New ideas about posts and issues are always welcome. Constructive criticism is mandatory!

All comments contributing to the advancement of the conversation without insulting or attacking participants’ personalities will be posted. Comments viciously “attacking” and dismantling ideas of participants are highly encouraged (as long as the criticism is based on reasonable thinking). Here we respect the individual but no idea is out of reach of criticism. Humor could be a part of criticism so if someone is laughing at your idea… get over it! And if need be change your idea. It may really be ridiculous!! After all, if someone laughs to your ridiculous idea he/she provides a service to you. Imagine how bad it would look if you did not know your idea was dumb but everyone else knew and they were not telling you “not to insult” you.

If your idea cannot stand criticism you probably need to change it. Or keep it along with its consequence of people laughing at it. In public conversation there is no such thing as a sanctuary protecting ideas from criticism. Let the weak ideas become strong by incorporating more knowledge or let them die out. After all, the purpose here is to learn. If you want to believe (in whatever) there are other websites specializing in not criticizing any opinion no matter how unsupported by evidence it looks. Some others may even praise any crazy delusions you may think of or subscribe to.

My personal desire is to find out whether a world where people face mistakes to their thinking boldly is a better world (I dare to think it is). People accepting mistakes and responsibility with absolute joy without even a moment of hesitation coming from too much attachment to their own ideas seems like a beautiful picture to me. I believe (do I really?) that this realistic way of reasoning (sounds like scientific thinking, and yes it is!) is a fundamental element of any kind of progress, be it personal, technological or scientific.

So the most powerful concept I am trying to materialize here (for myself too) is critical thinking and celebration of correcting our mistakes. With reason, knowledge, constructive scientific criticism and direct communication let us add our bit to the knowledge of the world.

Have a nice trip reading through the posts.


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